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Sun City Naz

Sun City Church of the Nazarene was formed by Sun City area residents desiring a church that more closely reflected their religious heritage.  It was out of this desire and through their prayers that the Sun City Church of the Nazarene was born.

SCN’s first service was held on Sunday, February 18, 2001, with 152 people present. Dr. Marion McKellips came out of retirement to assume pastoral leadership of the fledgling congregation. Rev. Ruth DeLong volunteered to serve as associate minister. The church was formally organized in November, 2001, with 180 Charter members. At the end of the year membership totaled 194 and membership has continued to grow.

After giving years of faithful service Dr. McKellips retired in September of 2012.   In December 2012, Dr. Tharon H. Daniels was appointed interim pastor. After a year of serving as interim the congregation extended a call to him to become the Senior Pastor.

In June of 2014 Dr. Andrea Somerville was welcomed back to Sun City to serve as Associate Pastor. Andrea is well known to the Sun City congregation having served as an attorney in the Sun City area for several years and then serving the church during her ministerial training as an ministry intern. Andrea serves in the area of Pastoral Care, teaching and preaching

In October of 2014 Ken Tippitt was invited to serve as Worship Leader. Ken has been Worship Leader in several Nazarene churches around the country.  Among them Denver First Church, Phoenix Biltmore and Seattle Aurora.

The Sun City Church has since it’s beginning been interested in missions and serving others. Through the faithful giving to mission projects around the world, the support of child development centers in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, compassionate ministries response in major disasters such as the earthquakes and storms in Haiti, Nepal, Vanuatu, and other troubled areas of the world. The people of Sun City have gone on numerous Work and Witness trips around the world building hospitals, schools, churches and houses for those in need.

Since its founding, there has been a strong emphasis on missionary support through Sun City Nazarene.  The current congregation annually gives 47% of its income to mission projects around the world.

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