Ladies Prayer Cell

Ladies' Prayer Cell Fellowship

Food for the Body, Study for the Mind, Prayer for the Soul


To encourage one another on our Christian journey by developing a community of fellowship.
To nurture our prayer life by sharing our needs and burdens.
To experience new awareness of thought and ideas through the discussion of a study book.

What is a prayer cell fellowship?

It is a group of 6 to 8 women who meet once a week for two hours in each other's homes for prayer and fellowship.  It is for 8 weeks beginning the 4th week of September and finishing before the Thanksgiving holidays.  The individual group schedules will vary, at the leader's discretion.
The following list are the offerings for the fall of 2019:
Leader                                            Book Title
Ruth Spenst                                   And We Are Changed
Marolyn Miner                              Making The Climb
Mardell Knowles                           Liturgy of the Ordinary
Sally Bond                                      Liturgy of the Ordinary
Kathy Albright                               A Woman Jesus Can Teach
Yolanda Spears                             Intimacy with God