Work and Witness

NACA - "Love" Sign 

A Work and Witness Opportunity....
      at the Native American Christian Academy
        (formerly the Sun Valley Indian School),
             Sun Valley, AZ

October 29th - November 5th, 2016

Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Cleanup and Coupon Sorting.
    All are needed.

Cost per volunteer:  $250 ground money for Lodging, Food, Insurance, Travel, etc.  We do our own laundry and cooking.

To be a part of this worthwhile and exciting project call the church office at 623-815-1707 and ask for contact information for Vic Shorb.

NACA Welcome Sign 

The vision of Native American Christian Academy is to educate and equip students to be successful in higher education and employment. A Biblical world view is taught, encouraging the students to begin with God's Word rather than beginning with only the world's view. Through daily Bible study and devotions, each student is given an opportunity to choose Jesus.

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Also, the school needs and will appreciate your Campbell Soup Labels.  Turn them in at the church.